Construction Performance Guidelines for NEXT>

There are many checks and balances to go through as we prepare to deliver the 132 new homes to the purchasers at “NEXT>”, our condominium project in Bridgeland, which will complete early in 2013.

Once construction on each home is completed we begin the process of reviewing all the finishing for any problems or deficiencies that may need to be corrected.  When you consider the hundreds, or likely thousands of people who helped in creating the home (everyone from framers and painters to flooring manufacturers and the people who assemble the appliances) it is inevitable that there will be items requiring correction.

Since the idea of what is and what isn’t a deficiency is somewhat subjective it begs the question: “What is your guide for determining a professional level of finish?” At NEXT> the home warranty provider is Blanket New Home Warranty.  As the warranty provider they have established a benchmark for finishing that is outlined in their Construction Performance Guidelines.  We use these benchmarks as our guide to complete the homes and deliver them to our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

CLICK  HERE to download a PDF copy of Blanket Home Warranty’s Construction Performance Guidelines.