New System for Forming Exterior Concrete Foundation Walls

Recently local Calgary Realtor, Cody Battershil with Re/Max House of Real Estate (, was asking why we chose to create the foundation walls for Tribeca in Mission using a layered shotcrete system rather than placing forms and filling them with concrete.  We posed the question to Oliver Dees, Project Manager with Chandos Construction ( and his answer is below. (Click HERE for short video showing test wall)


Hi Shane,

For Tribeca we elected to use shotcrete for several reasons. The lot is extremely tight and on some walls we are right at the property line. This means I can’t over excavate to form both sides of the wall. The other option was to try and form one side only and brace the walls back. In the end we felt shotcrete was the most cost and schedule effective solution. It is becoming more common practice now on downtown sites were space is at a premium. Recent projects here in Calgary that have used shotcrete walls are Eight and Eight Center, Le Germaine, the new LRT expansion and the new calgary airport expansion. If you are interested in more info on it I have a large info package by the specialized sub-trade and we also shot video of the install to date.