Bucci Developments is preparing to submit a rezoning application and an Area Redevelopment Plan amendment for 1018 McDougall Road NE.


The purpose of this website is to provide information on the potential rezoning, a timeline of milestones, and seek community feedback on the project.  Updates will be provided as new information becomes available.


Update | May 24, 2018

On May 22nd, 2018 Bucci Developments hosted a second public engagement session to discuss the development of the upcoming Dominion project located at 1018 McDougall Road NE. Several groups attended the event and provided feedback to both city staff and Bucci employees.

The information presented at this engagement session can be downloaded here.

The City of Calgary has received all public comments to-date and assigned Christine Leung as Planner (contact details available upon request).

Updates to the project include:

  • Height: 15 stories in two tower massing with slope adaptive podium
  • Density: 348 units
  • GFA: 236,045 square feet
  • Residential FAR: 5.3
  • Commercial space at grade

Please stay tuned for future updates; we look forward to keeping an open dialog with the community and invite you to continue to leave your comments below.


Update | May 2, 2018

On February 28th, 2018, Bucci Developments hosted a public engagement session where several members of the community attended and provided feedback to the development team.

The most frequent points of discussion from the first engagement session included: traffic and loading, size of the building, parking, disturbances during construction, increased load on existing infrastructure, building height, and architecture. The City of Calgary has received all public comments to-date and assigned Christine Leung as Planner (contact details available upon request).

On date May 22, 2018, Bucci will be hosting a second community engagement session. A revised design will be presented which responds to the initial feedback as follows:

  • Widened parkade ramp to minimize turn radius
  • Commissioned Transportation Demand Management study to analyze parking opportunities
  • Commissioned power, water and sewer studies to ensure no issues will be raised regarding the existing infrastructure
  • Adjustments to form and character to ensure strong connection to the public, pedestrian realm and parks
  • Enhanced design to integrate and strengthen commercial and residential spaces

Bucci has hired the award-winning firm Urban-Agency to provide landmark architecture that will signal the entrance to the Bridgeland neighborhood. Urban-Agency specializes in creative and functional design and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team.

We look forward to seeing everyone on May 22nd, and to continuing the discussion as we work towards an excellent building design.

Second Community Engagement Session Details:

  • Date: May 22nd 2018
  • Time: 530pm to 730pm
  • Location: Bridgeland Riverside Community Association, 917 Centre Ave, NE, Calgary



In December of 2017, Bucci Developments was selected as the preferred bidder for 1018 McDougall Road NE.  This is a parcel of land identical to and directly south of Bucci’s existing Radius (www.bucci.com/radius) project.

Bucci’s intent was to replicate Radius, but the company is also exploring alternative architecture.  Specifically, a new form of development is being proposed which includes:

  • Landmark design, signaling an arrival to the Bridges community.
  • Retail and restaurants along 9th Street NE.
  • An activated lobby, mimicking a ‘wework’ collaboration space as a public / private amenity.
  • Live / work spaces along McDougall Road NE.

Initial concept drawings can be downloaded here.

Low definition version of the package can be downloaded here.

While no change in density is being proposed, the above represents a significant increase in overall building height and a rezoning would be required to accommodate.


The Bridges is an award-winning master planned community created in 1999 and Bucci has been privileged to participate with their Bella Lusso, Bella Citta, and Radius projects.

Information on the Bridges can be found, here: http://www.calgary.ca/CS/realestate/Pages/Developments/The-Bridges/The-Bridges.aspx?redirect=/thebridges

Bucci’s proposed rezoning of 1018 McDougall Road NE is an opportunity to update the Architectural Guidelines and Area Redevelopment Plan to a more modern, mixed-use community.


The first community open house to solicit preliminary feedback was held on February 28th, 2018.  The design team is updating their concept based on feedback received and anticipates holding a second open house in late March or early April.

Bucci intends to submit an application to the City in early March.  To accommodate the proposed height, both an amendment to the Area Redevelopment Plan and a rezoning are required.  Updates to the schedule will be made available on this website as they become available.


Community members are encouraged to submit their comments on this project using the form below.  Copies of all comments received on this website are delivered to the City for consideration.

Once the Planning Department has assigned a file manager, this website will be updated to include the relevant contact information.

Finally, community members will have an opportunity to provide their commentary in person during Council meetings considering the rezoning.

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