How to buy | What you need to know

When buying a home at Radius, two pieces of government issued ID are required along with a cheque for the initial deposit of $2,500. Below are additional requirements for owning at Radius:

  1. The purchaser must read, review, and /or complete the following documents:
  2. The purchaser will need to provide a cheque for $2,500 made out to “McLeod Law LLP- in Trust”. The $2500 will form part of 5% deposit that is required for purchasing your new home at Radius. Homes with a purchase price above $500,000 require a 10% deposit. There will be a 10-day rescission period commencing the day the Purchase Agreement is written. If the purchaser exercises their option to rescind during the 10-day period, we will return the $2,500 and there will be no further obligations – further details below.
  3. At the end of 10-days, and/or all conditions have been removed from the Purchase Agreement, the balance of the 5% deposit is due. The amount due is 5% of the Purchase price minus the $2500 previously provided. Funds will need to be provided by way of certified cheque or bank draft and made out to “McLeod Law LLP- in Trust” with reference to the development and suite you have purchased i.e. – Radius Suite #201.
  4.  Within 15 days (commencing the day the Purchase Agreement is written) proof of financing is required. The purchaser will receive confirmation from TD Canada Trust and Blanket Home Warranty (The Bond) regarding a commitment for mortgage financing and deposit bond. If you are not eligible for a mortgage or bond, we will require an additional deposit equivalent to 15% of the purchase price (additional 10% deposit for homes over $500,000). Otherwise, no further cash deposits are required until closing. See bond FAQ’s below.
  5. As we approach completion of construction, you will be contacted by Bucci staff to arrange:
    – Pre-possession homeowner reveal
    – Possession walk-through and home orientation
    – Move-in and elevator bookings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Deposit or Down-payment at Radius?
5% cash deposit for homes under $500,000 or 10% cash deposit for homes priced above $500,000. The total deposit or down-payment required on the Purchase Agreement is 20%, with the difference being made up by way of a Bond.

What are Bonds?
Bonds are provided to our purchasers by Blanket Home Warranty and are an excellent alternative to the large cash deposits normally required in new home construction. Bonds are a guarantee by Blanket Home Warranty, to the Developer, that the deposit will be paid in the event that a purchaser defaults on the Purchase Agreement.

What does the Bond cost?
There is no cost to the Purchaser.

Are Bonds mandatory?
No, but the alternative is a 20% cash deposit rather than a blend of 5% cash and 15% Bond guarantee (10% cash 10% Bond for homes over $500,000).

Who else used Bonds for deposits?
Bonds have become increasingly popular over the last several years, as it enables purchasers to purchase with 5% deposit while the home is under construction. Purchasers can get into the market earlier which also allows them more time to save for their new home.

Is a commitment letter from TD Canada Trust mandatory?

Why is a commitment letter from TD Canada Trust mandatory?
TD is offering an excellent package by holding today’s interest rates until occupancy. This gives you the security of knowing the maximum your mortgage payments will be and that the home you have chosen fits within your budget.

Can I use my own mortgage broker?
Yes. While we do require a copy of TD’s approval as part of our financial requirement, you are not obligated to take TD’s mortgage at Closing.