How to Rent | What you need to know

Contract review and signatures can be managed electronically 

Connect with our Leasing Team for details! (403)225-0023

When renting a home at Radius, a credit check and employment check is mandatory. Below are additional requirements for leasing at Radius:

  1. View/Tours/Discussions
  2. Determine the desired unit to lease
  3. Fill out a rental application
  4. Bucci sends out Naborly/Yardi application for you to fill out
    • Credit Check
    • Employment Check
  5. Leasing team calls the references
  6. A leasing agreement is created
  7. A leasing agreement is sent to a potential tenant for signature
  8. Leasing team sent a RENTcafe invite to Tenant to set-up their account (for payment)
  9. A leasing agreement is sent to the Head Office for approval
  10. Once received the accepted lease agreement, a fully executed copy is sent to the tenant, then advise them to send damage deposit/pet deposit within 7 days.
  11. Customer Service Team will get in touch with the tenant to set up Key Release Appointment
    – Possession walk-through and home orientation
    – Move-in and elevator bookings