On Building Up

So… 7 Billion of us… We think this is a good time to talk about Urban Sprawl…

The future is fascinating. It seems that every year the notion of what it will look like changes; as technology right across industry changes. Usually, it completely side swipes the majority of us (or not?), changing our vision of what the future might hold. Less seems impossible, and more seems uncertain.

One thing Bucci is certain of; the importance of infill development in our growing city. With a population globally, and locally, continuing to grow at faster rates -and with no signs of slowing down- we have to consider what our city is going to look like 10, 20, 100 years down the road.

25 years ago Fred Bucci consciously positioned Bucci as an infill developer. Today, that decision is even more relevant, as a responsible- residential- development team.

We understand that urban sprawl is a concern, and we have a sense that many of you feel the same way. Our success, as multi-family developer, success across the industry, not to mention the number of local project launches we have seen in the recent months, seem to attest to this.

Having a yard is a luxury, we get it… And the burb’s, they are necessary – there really are just too many of us…. but we are inspired by the luxury of building up instead of out, with benefits that far outweigh any compromise.

We are excited by the notion that we are a part of shaping the communities, and the cities, that our homes become a part of.

Next> how we eliminate the compromise, plus a couple of perks:

  • Choosing locations that make sense; amenities, trails, parks, community green space (… or yards- if you will?), work and play close by (less car idling in horrendous traffic). There are also private gyms and a courtyard.
  • Storage. We force you to be realistic about the importance of “stuff” (quality over quantity?), but we don’t make you compromise any of the beloved sweaters you never wear, or meaningful art projects from grade 9. We build homes, and we know that these little things are what make it yours. Lots of storage is worked into our design.
  • We build green. The biggest green feature is the simple fact that we are building 132 homes, on 1 acre of land; and we are building it right. With up-to –date waterproofing and rain-screen technology, Next will be perched up on top of that hill, well into the future. Check out more built-green features here: Bucci, Built Green

Still need convincing? Come visit us at Next to learn more about all of the ways we are working to make sure you don’t have to compromise.