“Calgary – A Good Place to Buy” – Ozzie Jurock – Bucci Developments

“Calgary – A Good Place to Buy” – Ozzie Jurock

Each week we receive a copy of “Jurock’s Real Estate Insider” facts by email.  We always enjoy the read and respect Ozzie’s insight into the state of the Western Canadian real estate market and where it is likely heading.Ozzie Jurock Real Estate Professional

Last week’s email had a nice section on the Calgary real estate market. Here’s a bit of the information provided:

  • Calgary continues to buck national housing trends
  • The 1,936 residential units sold in July represent a 21% increase over July 2011 – WOW!
  • Year-to-date condominium sales are up 9%
  • Listings for both single family homes and condos are DOWN!
  • Average condo price up 6% from July 2011 to July 2012

Ozzie’s Major Point is: “Calgary is definitely in an upswing, driven by a bouyant economy, strong inward migration (from BC) and low real estate prices. This will continue. Good place to buy.”

He goes on to talk about the outward migration of people from BC to Alberta and Saskatchewan and wraps is up with a great line: “Values grow where people go…and people go where jobs grow!”

Check out Ozzie’s website (www.jurock.com) for lots of great real estate market information and education.