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Décor Tips: 3 Home Office Essentials

Many of us have been given the news that we’ll be working from home for a couple weeks. Whether you have your home office already set up, or you need to do some creative DIY’s in order to make your space comfortable and functional – we’ve got a round up of our favourite décor items to add a little life and creativity to your new surroundings!

Using plants in décor

Glass terrarium used as décor on a home office desk.
Photo by Nielsen Ramon on Unsplash

With a range of sizes and shapes, adding a few plants to the workspace brings a wealth of benefits. Studies have shown that adding some a touch of greenery brings benefits to state-of-mind and productivity.

Not only offering a gorgeous element to your décor, plants can:

  • Make you feel less boxed in
  • Bring a sense of peace and tranquility
  • Improve air quality by removing carbon dioxide and replenishing oxygen
  • Reduce stress by releasing phytoncides
  • Add personalization
  • Speed up recovery from illnesses
  • Absorb noise
  • Add colour and inspiration

So, whether you’re feeling a little blue, or just need something to spark a little bit of motivation in your new space – adding a plant or two can help!

If you’re looking to add some life to your workspace, Bridgeland’s neighbouring community, Inglewood, features Plant, a 3000 sq. ft converted garage offering a selection of terrariums, indoor gardening and landscaping supplies, natural artwork and a range of functional workshops to get you started!

Due to the recent COVID-19 developments, Plant is offering online ordering, delivery as well as curbside pickup. Don’t let social distancing prevent you from the benefits of including plants in your décor.

Add a little inspiration to your décor

Home office décor featuring shelving, decorations, plants built into a den.
Radius by Bucci – E2 Plan, 2 Bedroom + Den

We believe that you should thoroughly enjoy the space your working in! Take a few moments to figure out what truly inspires joy and bring that into your space.

From colorful wall art, inspirational quotes, organizational methods, or candles and diffusers, the possibilities are endless.

Here at Bucci, joy comes from oversized calendars, geometric ornaments, and a neutral colour scheme. Like our style? It’s all in the details. Check out CB2 to browse the newest accessories to furnish your space!

Bring storage into your décor

Home office created with a closed murphy bed.
Radius by Bucci, A3 Floorplan, Jr 2 Bedroom

Storage doesn’t have to be 100% utilitarian, you can still have fun with it. While having an easy way to keep things organized, keeping your workspace tidy improves productivity (according to Marie Kondo).

Of all the storage needs, a bookshelf is an absolute must – but get creative. It doesn’t have to be a stationary item that takes up floorspace! Make the most of your space by going up the walls with shelving or turn a bedroom into a workspace with a built-in murphy bed, a standard feature in many of our Jr 2-bedroom plans!

Pair your new organization with a couple of decorative boxes to round up all the necessary supplies and tuck them away when not in use.

Whether your new to creating a home office or it’s a permanent fixture, we’re sure you can agree that bringing form and function together results in beautiful and productive spaces.

Want to see more office spaces in action? Our Sales Team can provide a full digital package of information, answer any questions, and schedule virtual tours of our show homes and amenities. Contact us today!