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Current information regarding the Development Permit Application, including current renderings and project stats, can be downloaded here or viewed online at the City of Calgary page here.

*Information is preliminary, for information purposes only, and is subject to change.

Construction Status | March 2019

A note from Bucci Developments Director of Construction, Mr. Don Poirier:

We all know how inherently chaotic construction can be. In an effort to make the process a bit easier for everyone impacted, we will be doing our best to promote transparency throughout the process.

It is our hope that by having an open line of communication with residents of the Bridgeland community, we will add some humanity to this process on both sides. We understand that this project is in the backyard of a lot of people and that construction can be disruptive; however, it also represents a livelihood for hundreds of Calgarians. Construction projects represent rejuvenation and investment in our communities. They represent investment in our future, which is something Bucci stands behind – today and historically.

Below is a brief FAQ regarding Dominion. We will do our best to post updates to this site as construction progresses:

When is the excavation/construction start date?

We start the process with a shoring system to support the soils outside the excavation area. This process involves a large drilling rig which will bore out a series of holes along the perimeter creating what we refer to as a caisson cut-off wall.

This work is scheduled to start on Monday April 1st, (no, this is not an April fools’ joke) and will continue until all caissons are placed. To help expedite this work a second drill rig is scheduled to arrive and start drilling by mid April.

Once we are well into the shoring process our team of excavators will start removing soil layer by layer until we have reached a designed depth to install our anchor tie backs. These anchors act exactly as they sound: they anchor the caisson cut off wall to the retained soils, which stops the wall from deflecting into the excavation as we dig deeper.

What should we expect for working hours?

We try to balance the community’s wishes with the demands of the project. We recognize that this project is in a heavily populated neighbourhood and consideration needs to be given to those around the project.

As such, the city of Calgary has very specific guidelines noted under their municipal bylaws that regulate working hours in neighbourhoods such as this. Monday to Friday our teams will start between 7:30 and 8:00am and will wrap up for the day around 4:30pm. Some days we may work longer to accommodate exceptional items such as a long concrete pour, and we will never leave the site unsafe for the public. We do work Saturdays and again those hours will conform to the city’s bylaw, being after 7:30am. Typically we do not work past noon on Saturday and rarely work Sundays. For those who are curious, Sunday hours do not commence until 9:00am.

Is there a loose construction schedule at this time? Any expected periods of increased noise or dust etc. and expected duration of said periods?

Unfortunately, construction involves noise and dirt. We try to mitigate this as much as possible but sometimes it is out of our control; wind blows dust around, rain makes things muddy, and big equipment is loud. Please accept our sincere apologies if you are affected by this.

As mentioned above, our team has scheduled the shoring work to start on Monday April 1st. On or around April 15th a second rig will be brought to site to help expedite the work. We anticipate excavation to start mid May and overlap the shoring work with the hope to complete the excavation and start foundation work by mid to late June.

Our tower crane, which is always fascinating to watch go up, is tentatively scheduled for early July.

Who should I contact with construction related questions or concerns?

Our site team is always available to discuss the activities of the site. We all love what we do and don’t miss an opportunity to explain what’s going on. As you may have noticed, our onsite administration trailer has arrived, and we have positioned it so that public can visit without the need for personal protective equipment. We may be dirty, and a little smelly sometimes, but we’re always happy to talk to the public regardless of the conversation.

Alternatively, we can be reached at our construction office by phone at (403) 283-5373 or you can email us at If you are directed to a voicemail someone from our team will return your call within 48 hours.

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