Bucci Developments has submitted an application to rezone property at the north-eastern corner of Garden Drive and East 10th Avenue in Vancouver to enable construction of multi-family homes and is seeking community feedback on the initial design.

This website provides information on the proposed development, details of public consultation events, an approximate schedule of the approval process, contact details for the developer and (when available) City of Vancouver representatives. The website will be updated with additional project details and the evolving design as available.

Update | April 2018

On April 12th, 2018 the City of Vancouver hosted a Community Open House to further discuss the rezoning of 2542-2570 Garden Drive & 2309-2369 East 10th Avenue. Several groups attended the event and provided feedback to both city staff and Bucci employees.

Bucci is also pleased to announce that is has received support from Urban Design Panel for the rezoning of 2542-2570 Garden Drive & 2309-2369 East 10th Avenue. Minutes from the Urban Design Panel meeting are available here:  http://vancouver.ca/files/cov/UDPMINUTES040418.pdf

As always, please refer to the City of Vancouver’s website for to view current drawings, to provide comments on the rezoning application, and to contact the assigned planner:


Please stay tuned for future updates; we look forward to keeping an open dialog with the community and invite you to continue to leave your comments below.


Update | March 2018

IMPORTANT UPDATE – The March 20th, 2018 public Open House at the Trout Lake Community Centre has been postponed. The next public Open House will be hosted by the City of Vancouver on Thursday April 12, 2018 from 5-7pm at the Croatian Cultural Centre, located at 3250 Commercial Drive.

Please refer to the following City of Vancouver website for details, current drawings, to provide comments on the rezoning application, and to contact the assigned planner:


We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to keeping you updated as this process continues!


Update | January 2018

Happy New Year to All!

Bucci Developments and the City of Vancouver will be hosting a third open house for the Rezoning Application of 2542 – 2570 Garden Drive & 2309 – 2369 E 10th Avenue. The event is scheduled for March 20th, 2018 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Trout Lake Community Centre and representatives from both the City of Vancouver and Bucci Developments will be present.

The City of Vancouver will also be hosting open houses to discuss Planning Updates within the Grandview-Woodland Community on January 27th, 2018 and January 31st, 2018. More information on these events can be found at www.vancouver.ca/gw.

We look forward to seeing everyone on March 20th and to continuing the discussion.


Update | December 2017

Bucci Developments is pleased to have submitted a Rezoning Application to the City of Vancouver on December 15th, 2017. The comments from all the Public Engagement Sessions to-date (and any submitted via this website) have been included with the submission to the city.

The primary discussion points from the November 21st engagement session were related to height/density, aesthetics, parking/traffic, construction activity, and the planning process. Rositch Hemphill Architects has worked to refine the building based on this feedback and the latest drawing package can be downloaded, here: LINK.

The resulting updates to the project include:

  • Architecture has been modified and revised to achieve a more West Coast inspired aesthetic
  • Additional indoor and outdoor amenity space including:
    • Improved on-site landscaping
    • Improved pedestrian friendly landscaping and grade oriented design
  • Additional 5-foot setback added on Garden Drive and East 10th (changed from a 10-foot setback to a 15-foot setback)
  • Number of 2 and 3 bedroom homes has increased from the concept presented on November 21st
  • Additional public realm upgrades such as: street trees, bike racks, feature lighting, and private outdoor seating area
  • Setbacks on the 5th and 6th floor remain to reduce the building’s massing and shadow impact
  • Number of visitor parking stalls has been increased
  • Proposed density has been reduced from 2.70 FSR to 2.65 FSR

Key Building Statistics include:

  • Homes = 68
  • Residential Parking Spaces = 68
  • Visitor Spaces = 5
  • Bicycle Parking Spaces = 85
  • Height to top of 6th Floor = 66ft
  • Total Square Footage = 58,876 sq.ft.

The next community engagement opportunity will be hosted by the City of Vancouver on a date to be determined. Bucci will provide more information as soon as it becomes available. We expect to continue to refine this development; any updates related to our Rezoning Application will be made available on this website.

Finally, Happy Holidays to all!


Update | November 2017

On September 25th, 2017, Bucci Developments hosted a preliminary public engagement session where several dozen members of the community attended and provided feedback to the development team.  The most frequent points of discussion from the first engagement session included: height/density, aesthetics, parking/increased traffic, construction activity, and planning process. The City of Vancouver has received all public comments to-date and assigned Michelle Yip as Planner (contact details available upon request).

On Tuesday November 21st, Bucci will be hosting a second community engagement session at the Trout Lake Community Centre from 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm. A revised design will be presented which responds to the initial feedback as follows:

  • Revised architecture sensitive to the neighbourhood
  • Pedestrian friendly grade oriented design with enhanced landscaping
  • Introduction of additional set-backs and step-backs for articulation
  • Use of contemporary and classic building materials inspired by Grandview Woodland
  • Proposed density reduced from 2.70 FSR to 2.65 FSR
  • Rooftop stairwells have been removed, 5th and 6th floor step-backs introduced to reduce massing
  • Additional underground parking stalls added
  • 35% of homes are family sized and family friendly amenities will be provided onsite

Bucci has hired award winning architect, Bryce Rositch from Rositch Hemphill Architects (RHA) to lead the design. RHA specializes in 6-storey multi-family developments in Metro Vancouver, and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team.

We look forward to seeing everyone on November 21st, and to continuing the discussion as we work towards an excellent building design.



In June of 2017, Bucci committed to purchasing seven single family lots at the north-eastern corner of Garden Drive and 10th Avenue in Vancouver to develop a six-storey multi-family project consistent with the policies and intent of the Grandview-Woodland Official Community Plan.

The approval process for this development involves a rezoning of the land, a development permit, and a building permit. The City of Vancouver estimates that it will take 36 to 42 months for final approval and the public has multiple opportunities and methods to influence the design via comments and feedback.


Current Project Stats

The current application is consistent with the Grandview-Woodlands community plan and envisions the following:

  • Address: 2542-2570 Garden Drive & 2309 – 2369 East 10th Avenue;
  • Current zoning RS-1;
  • Proposed zoning CD-1 (Comprehensive Development District);
  • 68 residential market strata units–of which 41% are designed to accommodate families;
  • A total floor area of 5,469.76 m2 (58,876 sq.ft);
  • A proposed floor space ratio (FSR) of 2.65;
  • A building height of 20 m (66 ft.) in six storeys;
  • Rooftop patios accessed by hatch;
  • Extensive landscaping and streetscape improvements;
  • 73 underground parking spaces; and
  • 85 bicycle parking spaces.

Community Considerations

  • Architecture and character sensitive to Grandview Woodlands neighborhood context.
    • Project aims to further enhance the character and vibrancy of the neighborhood.
    • Design and unit-mix to further establish a strong sense of community.
  • Bucci community contribution of $1,303,000 (approximately) to City of Vancouver.
    • Utilized to fund community and public upgrades such as parks and recreation.
    • City of Burnaby has a $1 billion amenity fund for similar use.
  • Enhancing the streetscape including boulevard landscaping, new sidewalks, curbs and gutters, street lighting and laneway upgrades.
  • Over 50% of proposed units are family sized 2 and 3 bedroom homes and townhomes.
  • Passive House Equivalent Building – 80% Energy Reduction Target.
  • Increasing affordable housing options and addressing supply constraints and the missing middle.
  • Increasing population base to patronize local retail and use transportation assets.
  • Pleasing streetscape and landscaping for an engaging pedestrian experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I provide feedback on this project?
A: Interested parties can leave comments on this website, attend the community open house, email the City of Vancouver directly, or attend council meetings in person when the application is being considered (date to be determined).

Q: What is the Grandview Woodland Official Community Plan?
A: The Grandview Woodland Plan is a comprehensive policy enacted by council in July of 2016 to guide growth and development within its boundaries. It contains many aspects including job creation, transportation, architectural guidelines, social programs, housing choices, planning goals, community amenities, and more. The complete document can be viewed here (the portion specific to this project can be found on page 120 and 121).

Q: How long will construction take?
A: Duration will depend on final design, but the developer anticipates 30 months.

Q: How much will the homes cost?
A: The final price will depend on the time taken to achieve approvals, the cost of construction, and market conditions. The developer cannot project final prices but intends for the homes to be affordable for young families.

Q: How can I continue to be updated on this project?
A: You can sign up for notices by registering in the link below. This website will also be updated as more information becomes available.

Public Engagement Session

The next community engagement opportunity will be hosted by the City of Vancouver on a date to be determined. Bucci will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.

In the meantime, we invite you to leave your comments below. All comments on this website will also be shared with the City of Vancouver and taken into consideration as we continue to work with the community on completing the building design.

Feedback Forum

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Our Philosophy

Bucci Developments

At Bucci, we are defined not only by what we build, but also for whom we build. We are curious about the people we are building homes for. We do not passively accept the standard, or go with what has worked in the past. We continue to seek out opinions and direction from the people who know best, our owners. We look for indicators that might help us predict where the industry is going, so that we can meet homeowner expectations today while also trying to imagine what they might expect from their home, building, or community tomorrow.

We have learnt that our projects attract sophisticated homebuyers who appreciate unique homes, and communities that reflect a sense of urban interaction. They have an eye for detail and they understand that good design is what truly elevates the experience they have in any space. They value enduring, proportioned architecture and contemporary interior design. They are practical but also thoughtful and progressive.

We limit ourselves to one or two major developments at a time, ensuring we can provide the diligence and care needed to deliver a thoughtful, enduring project. This allows us to stay humble and agile so that we can react to the changing needs of today’s urban homeowner. As third generation developers, it has always been our tradition to involve every internal team, from construction to marketing to customer service, at inception and right to completion. This approach captures input from all aspects of our customers’ experience, so we can deliver on our brand promise: building trust for three generations.