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From The Ground Up! The Construction Chronicles

Ven in Kensington has hit another construction milestone!

We are excited here at the Bucci Offices and have VEN-tastic news!

On May 14th 2014, we finally got to have a little fun with the giant crane on site and stood up the first of the walls at VEN.

The walls going up at VEN marks another milestone towards the completion of our current Kensington project.  It was only 10 short months ago that we hit our first milestone in completing the demolition on the VEN site, and construction commenced.

Construction Chronicles - Pic 3
VEN in Kensington Construction Site, Oct 17 2013. Demolition is complete and digging has started.

This week at VEN, we start to see the first of the framing on the NE side of the building. At BUCCI, we use pre-fabricated floor, wall and truss systems made by B.C based Dusk Building Systems.

Not only does having our wall systems pre-fabricated in a controlled environment mean shorter overall construction times (20-30% quicker). It also ensures best use of materials and produces a higher quality product over the traditional stick framing.

Construction Chronicles - Pic 4
VEN in Kensington Construction Site, May 15 2014. partial pour is complete in the parkade and framing has started.

Once the framing is complete the real fun begins on site, and before we know it next summer will be upon us, the building complete and home owners taking possession of their new homes.

Until then, we will take you through the many different moving parts that come together as one and give you an insiders look at what goes into constructing 114 quality homes, From The Ground Up.