Coming Summer 2023, 2550 Garden Drive is a collection of 69 homes available in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom floorplans.

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East Van Grows Here

It’s good to be here. Trout Lake steps away, the SkyTrain down the road. Neighbours we know. And a community that feels like home. On a quiet, tree-lined street of our favourite neighbourhood, this is where East Van is growing.

Garden is conveniently close to the indie shops, eateries and iconic energy of Commercial Drive, but just far enough away that the neighbourhood feels like home. On Garden Drive, we remember the city as it was. Neighbours who know each other. Kids who play together. Friends who stop for a chat at the lake. Where life’s perfect moments happen – in their completely imperfect ways. That’s what it means to be home.

Bucci Developments

At Bucci, we are defined not only by what we build, but also for whom we build. We are curious about the people we are building homes for. We do not passively accept the standard, or go with what has worked in the past. We continue to seek out opinions and direction from the people who know best, our owners. We look for indicators that might help us predict where the industry is going, so that we can meet homeowner expectations today while also trying to imagine what they might expect from their home, building, or community tomorrow.

We have learnt that our projects attract sophisticated homebuyers who appreciate unique homes, and communities that reflect a sense of urban interaction. They have an eye for detail and they understand that good design is what truly elevates the experience they have in any space. They value enduring, proportioned architecture and contemporary interior design. They are practical but also thoughtful and progressive.

We limit ourselves to one or two major developments at a time, ensuring we can provide the diligence and care needed to deliver a thoughtful, enduring project. This allows us to stay humble and agile so that we can react to the changing needs of today’s urban homeowner. As third generation developers, it has always been our tradition to involve every internal team, from construction to marketing to customer service, at inception and right to completion. This approach captures input from all aspects of our customers’ experience, so we can deliver on our brand promise: building trust for three generations.