Broadway East Multi-Family

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Located south of Broadway and east Victoria Drive, this area is physically separated from the transit hub by the Grandview Cut. Laura Secord Elementary School is a focal point in this neighbourhood. This area is also in close proximity to the transit interchange and offers strategic opportunities to accommodate renewed and additional housing within the Commercial-Broadway Station Precint. This area will incrementally evolve with new apartment and ground-oriented housing, creating opportunities for ownership and rental housing. Tradition­al rowhouses will be introduced on the north side of East 10th Avenue to transition to detached housing areas providing ownership opportunities, as well as secondary rental in the form of lock-off suites


Our project has been referred to Public Hearing on January 25, 2022. We are excited to reach this project milestone and look forward to a successful public hearing.

Please refer to the link below to get further details regarding the Public Hearing:

Feel free to send your comments online on the City link above as we would much appreciate any feedback about our project! We look forward to hearing from the public.

Should you have any further questions, please reach out to the Rezoning Planner for this project. His contact details are noted below:

Joseph Tohill
Phone: 604-829-9506
[email protected]


On May 12, 2021, the Urban Design Panel took place for our project and the Panel approved our project anonymously with some recommendations. We are happy with this successful milestone for this project and look forward to incorporating the Panel’s comments in our project as we advance through the process.


Bucci is excited to propose a development of a 6-storey residential building with 54 apartments in the Grandview Woodland neighbourhood of Vancouver. Below you will find some images of our recent proposal.

Public engagement has begun on our rezoning application. Please visit the website below during April 5 – 25, 2021 for the virtual open house. We would like your feedback on our project so feel free to leave your comments.

Our project is also scheduled for Urban Design Panel on May 12, 2021. We look forward to this project milestone as we continue to make progress on our application.

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