On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, our project was presented at the Advisory Design Panel. The project was well received by the Panel and they provided architectural and landscaping feedback. Ultimately, our application was supported and was sent back to Planning to move forward. We are pleased with the results of the ADP and look forward to working with Planning staff for the successful completion of our Project.

Some project renderings that were shared at the ADP presentation are shown below:

*Information is preliminary, for information purposes only, and is subject to change.


22709 Lougheed Highway

The Bucci family has been a part of the Maple Ridge community for almost 40 years. The Valleyfair mall site was acquired in the early 1980s by Fred Bucci who joined his father Fred Bucci Sr. at the company. The mall serves a dynamic community and is located in the heart of the Maple Ridge Town Centre. The mall was renovated two years ago in order to enhance the shopping experience for mall visitors. The site also serves as one of the largest properties in Maple Ridge. The City of Maple Ridge Planning department is looking to increase density in core areas as well as encourage much needed rental housing. Bucci has held meetings with the Maple Ridge Planning department and the staff is generally supportive of our development plans.  Bucci submitted an application for a development permit in December 2019 and is proposing a 22 storey rental apartment building with commercial units on the ground floor.

Information coming soon.

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*Information is preliminary, for information purposes only, and is subject to change.

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