We are excited to now offer Tenant Placement to Bucci Homeowners.


Our team will find a tenant for your Bucci property and coordinate all of the details. This saves you time and gives you an edge in the market, as you will be capitalizing on the industry insight and community relationships Bucci has already established in the neighbourhoods where we build.

We provide market research and expertise to ensure you are listing your Bucci property at the right price point, and with the right inclusions. Your unit will be shown in the best possible light in order to attract the best possible tenant. This is a great way to get the ball rolling and to ensure that the tenant relationship is set up for success from the start. We optimize your listing and earning potential, you take it from there!



Our Services

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Property Evaluation

We provide the latest comparable rental data, in context, in order to ensure you are making the most informed decisions when it comes to your rental offering. This will incorporate rental statistics from data agencies, industry trends/promotions/incentives, and data compiled internally via local rental agencies.
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We take high quality photos of your property to ensure that it stands out in all advertising/listings and attracts the right tenants. If you wish to have professional photos taken, we will coordinate on your behalf.
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Advertise The Property

We customize the most practical and effective advertising/listing plan, which will be tailored to your specific property. We also work with the community manager/condo board to coordinate all documentation including confirmation of parking, mail, storage, etc.
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Bookings & Showings

We field all inquiries, pre-screen candidates, arrange showings, and follow up with prospective renters until we have found the right tenant.
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Credit & Reference Checks

We coordinate complete credit and reference checks. Criminal checks can be conducted at your request.
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Execute Lease Agreement

We execute the formal lease agreement and provide copies to any/all interested parties as required.
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Arrange for Delivery of Damage Deposit

Upon execution of the lease agreement, we acquire necessary documentation and obtain damage deposit
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Move-in Inspection

Our in-house Customer Service Team will coordinate key release and move in inspection. They also ensure that your tenant has been provided bylaw and community management information, given an overview of mechanical, electrical, and appliance operation, and given a building orientation.
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Move-in Services

We coordinate elevator bookings, utility transfers, and ensure the tenant has contents insurance.

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